Pho Eatery’s founder Tim is no stranger to the art of cooking, and the strategy of business when it comes to food. Specifically traditional Vietnamese food. Tim began running a successful food truck while he was in school and he continued his Vietnamese cooking passion while working in the IT industry. Eventually he found his way back behind the kitchen more and more, running family restaurants such as Ba Le in Rockville, and Pho Tay Ho in Falls Church. Until one day he finally decided it was time to pursue his passion and open his own establishment…and in the fall of 2013 Pho Eatery was born.

The origin of Pho dates back several generations, from the northern region of Vietnam. Over time, Pho has evolved into the most quintessential Vietnamese dish, nourishing the entire soul of the nation. Pho has become the disk that can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime. The light clear broth, soft rice noodles, lean toppings of protein, healthy vegetables, all accompanied by fresh herbs, spices and flavors. Pho has become a lifestyle for the Vietnamese people.

When Tim decided to open Pho Eatery, his plan was straight forward, to serve the best tasting Pho to all walks of life at a reasonable price.